Daylight Harvesting System

Daylighting is the process of harvesting sunlight for effective internal lighting, by placing windows, reflective surfaces and other openings strategically. Let us first state why we claim to be the best in it- Skyshade Daylights was the first company to introduce the concept of daylighting in India 10 years back! Not just introducers , we have also bagged 5 National Awards including “Make In India” Award and Frost & Sullivan Award for their innovative Daylighting products. It’s the only company which has an R&D lab for Daylighting in India.

But not that let convince you to use our services. You have better reasons- it saves 8-10 hours of lighting load for up to 10 years. And you don’t have to overhaul your existing system as it can be integrated with ours that will save another 20 percent of your cost. The products we offer have long life and better efficiency too, and no, they aren’t solar panels, battery banks, and electrical fittings.

We offer Daylight Harvesting Systems (Make: Skyshade Daylights Pvt Ltd.) which have been recognised on National level and Skyshade has bagged many awards including "Most Innovative Energy Saving Product Award" and "Frost and Sullivan Technology Innovation in Day-lighting Award".As first Daylighting Company in India, we are bringing in new products to daylit the buildings and make them better.SkyshadeTM has a long experience of over 10 years in designing Daylight systems. Backed by dedicated R & D facility and modern production facilities, SkyshadeTM can deliver daylighting solutions for all buildings.

You can start saving energy as soon as these systems are installed. They do not include solar panels, battery bank or any artificial electrical fitting hence no recurring cost and have almost no maintenance. These products have long life as compared to strip lights/ transparent sheets. Our Daylight Harvesting Systems provide heat and glare free day light/ Sun light for 10-12 hours a day in your work space. These are:



Norikool: Conventional method for daylighting using roof involved use of transparent sheets that used to fade in colour, break and even leak in a year. Not just that, it also consumed a lot of roof space thereby weakening roof structure and the worst- doesn’t stop UV rays.

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Light Pipe

Lightpipe: Our yet another masterpiece is: Imagine sunlight illuminating your room but without unwanted glare or heat that it brings along! Yes, light pipe –With Light pipe Daylighting system, we can get Sunlight without heat in all such areas where we need the light but not the heat and glare.

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Day 360

SkyshadeTM provides complete solution of controls for Electrical lighting to switch them off when day light is available. “Studies on daylighting systems show that 30-50% more energy saving potential can be realized when Daylighting is fully integrated with Electrical lighting.” The electrical lights can...

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Ventilight™ combines Norikool™ ADS or Lightpipe™ with Wind Turbo Ventilator providing natural Daylight with Air Ventilation. When combined with Day360™ GLC lighting controller, it can automatically control electrical lighting depending on Daylight availability. This increases Energy savings by another 25 – 30%....

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Contoured &Molded Anshu™ – A Ray of Light is a single glazed Daylighting system to easily fit on asbestos or Tin shed roofs...

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Daylight Harvesting Gallery

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