Integration with Electrical lighting
SkyshadeTM provides complete solution of controls for Electrical lighting to switch them off when day light is available. “Studies on daylighting systems show that 30-50% more energy saving potential can be realized when Daylighting is fully integrated with Electrical lighting.” The electrical lights can be simply switched on/off by Day light sensors depending on daylight provided. In electrical lighting with dimmable hardware more precise control can be done. New buildings where light pipes are being planned, it is recommended to have dimmable Electrical lighting systems and be integrated with light pipes- Day lighting system. This arrangement ensures that irrespective of ambient light constant light flux is made available to building occupants.

If the daylight on task level is less than desired light intensity, called the set point, the controller switches on the required number of steps in electric lighting to achieve the set point, compensating the reduction of daylight. Thus, the necessary light for any given space always remains available, despite changes in weather conditions or transition from day to night. This has the ability to manually override systems as well.


  • Long life with low maintenance.
  • Convenience of automation with lighting controls.
  • Lower heat gain in building reducing air conditioning.
  • Lighting settings can be customized to work space requirements.
  • Can manually override the automated functioning in manual mode.
  • Saving due to IDS is displayed in monitoring unit i.e. communicator.
  • Load cutoff during over voltage, under voltage, over current is displayed.
  • Any failure of electrical lamps is indicated.